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Rajesh K. Nedungadi


I’m Rajesh Kumar Nedungadi. I am an US Citizen and have 20 years of experience inclusive of 8 years internationally and 12 years in the United States in Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Hospitality, Healthcare, IT and Financial Services Domain. I am well educated with both a Bachelors and Masters’ Degree in Business Management and International Marketing. I have excellent verbal and written skills by which I have amassed a number of influential and distinguished business associates – many of whom have become liaisons to my current Business Partners through my recommendation and introduction.

I hail from an illustrious royal family which ruled the Province of Nedunganadu – in the State of Kerala, India – renowned for its culture and social diversity. My family has always drawn upon the rich traditions of our ancestors and has found enrichment in fostering these values into the modern day.

I started my career by joining my family business which first started in India in the 1970s and then expanded to the Middle East in the early 1980s. This business was started by my father – Nandakumar Nedungadi. His dynamic knowledge of business entrepreneurship quickly succeeded in establishing a profitable business that is flourishing and expanding. During a short period of time, My Father was able to gain the confidence and close business association of the Royal Families of United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain. Our family business next extended its ventures into the Indian Subcontinent.

Preserving my cultural ethics from the Indian subcontinent and amalgamating them with the best of Western culture is an aspect of my daily life that I find to be most rewarding. Integrity, sincerity, trustworthiness, etiquette, and putting forth your full enthusiasm in everything you do are all integral parts of our culture – where every action has a reaction towards success only if you put forth your best and most sincere effort. I always exercise these traits in the professional arena so that my associates realize that my interaction with them is most genuine. Honesty and integrity are the best qualities. This belief pervades all cultures around the globe. My genuine demeanor has enabled my extensive professional relationships with business and political luminaries to originate and grow.



Market Research Analysis
Business Strategy Development
Negotiating between parties
Project/Program Management
Problem Solving & Decision Making
International Sales & Marketing




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Nedungadi is a Samanthan last name, originating in the Indian state of Kerala. Nedungadi belong to Samanthan section of the Malabar ruling class that belongs to Nairs. Samanthans were the erstwhile rulers of small Nadus (Places) under the Chera Dynasty.The name Nedungadi is.... Read More


7 Pillars Of Wisdom

1. Prudence
2. Knowledge Of Discretion
3. Fear Of God
4. Sound Of wisdom
5. Understanding
6. Counsel
7. Power

7 Pillars Of Character

1. Respect
2. Trustworthiness
3. Responsibility
4. Fairness
5. Caring
6. Citizenship
7. Presarvarence



Business, Commerce & International Marketing

University of Houston
1996 – 1998

Commerce, Business & International Marketing

Delhi University
1992 – 1995


Globistic Company, USA

Globistic handles premium well known American & International Brands with a focus in GCC region increasing sales and brand building.

Jan 2016 – Present

Basilic Global, USA

It was a pharmaceutical company that distributed vaccine products in the Taiwan Market.Since 1995 have been working on baby products. Basilic Global handles the North Americas and GCC Region.

Managing Director
Jan 2013 – Present

Garuttman Group

President for International projects and Business Development in the International Federal and Commerical Sector.

Nov 2010 – Present

PetroBrand Global, USA

Expanding International Business & Started Garuttman Group Operations Under Special Projects In The GCC & MENA Countries Like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq & Yemen.

President & CEO
Jan 2010 – Present

Comter Systems Inc

Business Development in the Commerical and Federal Space

Business Development Director
Nov 2007 – Dec 2008

Kohinoor Foods Inc

Sales and Marketing Product Development/Branding and setting up Distributors.
Setup American Main Steram Accounts
Setup Ethnic Accounts in Canada ,Mexico & America
Looked into the Demand and Supply plus Increased the Sales cycle

Regional Sales Director
Jan 2005 – Dec 2006

Dishaka Gourmet Foods

Was responsible for developing North American commodities market handled 12 states in America

Regional Sales Director
Jan 1996 – Dec 2004


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8830 Stanford Blvd Columbia, MD 21045, United States.